Why complicated situation are created during the process of designing ?

Capital becomes negative is called the debt exceed the state not amusing even if when bankruptcy.When it comes to excessive debt creditworthiness is very reduced the company is ready to not be received financing coercive Dondo.If you went bankrupt, rather than the limited liability of shareholders to pay the debt, it is because creditors.The assumption that pays out from those accepted earlier Static Website Design before that of how to calculate the payout unit price, is called the first-in, first-out method.The drawer date described in check, actually extracted by shaking was check that was issued in the earlier date than the day.

In the case of dishonorAgainst claims from the bill the owner of the payment due date occurs that the obligation to pay to issuer has changed.Assets are cash and securities, building, itself itself that there is a value to the land, such as such as deferred assets and prepaid expenses, it is divided into two but there is no value in itself itself.In addition non-monetary assets were, including inventories, the cost of assets to become future expenses was including construction in progress, it can be divided into is not the total assets.

Capital by subtracting the liabilities from the assets I called the “capital”.Principal from capital and capital surplus, earned income, consists of retained earnings.In the case of the Corporation, other than this land revaluation, net unrealized gains on securities, treasury stock also make up the capital.The capital surplus, it refers to the surplus resulting from capital transactions.

Capital surplus will be divided into capital reserves and other capital surplus.Capital of surplus reserves is mandatory in the capital reserve → Commercial Code.Other capital reserves → capital and capital reserve of reduction gains, and disposal gains of treasury stock.Companies doing continual repair to factory equipment is what the allowance provided in the cost of future repairs.And certificates of deposit I will say that of negotiable certificates of deposit.