What if the process of Web Design fails in giving results to people?

Custom Web DesignLastly, put quite simply we are experts in online marketing, and you are an expert in your field – let us tell you what you need based on our experience from working with over 500 small-medium businesses across a vast range of industries. Custom’ need not mean ‘expensive’. We are competitively priced, and in some instances up to 90% cheaper than our nearest competitors. You set our site up and adjusted our positioning so that where previously we were 20th or 30th when people searched for us, we graphic design agency  are now in the top 1-10. From that we have picked up business from all over the world.

The Following is a recent article we wrote about the importance of quality web designpractices. People may not judge a book by its cover but that courtesy is not extended to websites. 30 seconds. That’s how long the average surfer spends on a page before reaching a decision on whether to stay or leave. It doesn’t give you much time to sell the services of your business. If you want to attract and keep customers on your page, then the quality of the design of your website is essential.

The design of your website will affect its ‘bounce rates’. A website’s bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits that it receives. It’s not enough for visitors to simply visit the page of your site and then leave. Your website needs viewers interested, encouraging them to visit other pages. How else will they learn more about the product or services that you have on offer.

If the current bounce rate of your website is over 35 % then you should be concerned. Optimizing the design of your website is the only way of ensuring that you are able to retain and convert a higher percentage of the traffic that your website receives. There are over 300 million websites online today, so the competition to get visitors to your website and once there, to retain their interest is fierce.