In what way problem can be avoided in web designing ?

Like two days ago to do experiments on search engine optimization training , from the course of the experiment and the results can be seen in a lot of problems. Of course, this experiment is beyond the scope of my original thought, a little can not control. In general, the real SEO experiments were only for a variable in the controllable range next to do. For example, keyword position in the end have any effect on page rank, you can look out uncommon keyword performance on two different pages.

Web CopywritingIn all other cases these are the same two pages, links, text length, keyword density, etc. , just a keyword in the page header, a page footer. What are their own observations, own calculations, own experiments it is unlikely, Web Designers it is necessary to look at a large number of relevant forums and blog. I counted every day I look at the blog, now over 70, plus three or four forums. Many SEO experts will put their experiences and share, which is very noteworthy source of knowledge.

Although the specific search engine ranking algorithms we can not know, but we know what the fundamental purpose of the search engines are, and that is to provide users the best information. Plus some other common sense, sometimes even without other supporting materials, can also know a technology is good or bad. Finally he stressed that an all SEO techniques can identify counter-examples to prove that it does not hold.

A reader left a comment in the blog, Stone asked, we are talking about SEO skills “These are the voice of experience or take it for granted or theoretical support?”Strictly speaking, if it is to ask a real theoretical basis, it is not. SEO research is not the object of nature or human society, the objective existence of something or a phenomenon, but the rules of a company established SEO studied.